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It often starts off easily: a simple gum infection (bleedings while tooth brushing), which can turn into serious defects of the periodontium, culminating in tooth loss. Periodontitis (infection of the periodontium and gingival pockets and bone degenration) is a widely spread disease of the gums and jaw bone, which can lead to loss of teeth. About three out of four people suffer from it during their lifetime.

Diseases of the periodontium (periodontal diseases) are caused by bacteria which locates between tooth and gums and spreads from there into plaque. The spread of plaque is increased by different parameters that may not seem linked at first sight.
- insufficient oral hygiene
- unfavourable diet
- constant stress
- smoking
- obesity
- advancing age

Consequences of priodontitis
Researches proof that possible effects of periodontitis, apart from degenration of gums, are
- tooth loss
- heart conditions
- calcification
- strokes
- diabetes
- pulmonitis
- premature births